When is shiatsu definitely NOT a good idea?

In some cases that would be better to wait before receiving a shiatsu, except under restricted conditions

  • If you suffer an infectious disease, you have to see your doctor. Once convalescent, however, shiatsu will help you to regain health quickly.
  • If you might suffer inner bleedings as a consequence of external pressure, in case of haemophilia, stomach ulcer, aneurism… Clearly: no pressures.
  • In case of fracture. Time and appropriate care will fix it. No shiatsu on those parts of the body.
  • In case of heart, liver, kidney or lung problems, cancer, heavy disease. There is only one person able to help you first: your doctor.  But shiatsu can accompany you in difficult moments or be complementary to medical treatment. Speak about it first with your doctor, or ask me to contact him/her.