What does a shiatsu session look like?

You receive shiatsu with your clothes on.  Just put loose clothes on, if possible, in natural cloth and then lie on the ground on a futon laid on a tatami (japanese mat).

A session lasts about one hour.

Pressures are made with the thumbs (sometimes palms, elbows, kneels…) on some parts of the body. We might learn some stretching exercises, that you can practice at home as well.

Some parts of the body might be painful. Pain can occur. However, pain is not a must and your feedback will help to adjust pressure, if necessary.

Show has no place in shiatsu. Immediate or spectacular results can be obtained, but this is not really important. The real work takes place deeply and slowly.

The touch is relaxing or energizing, never strong.

And how many times do you “have to” come?

It depends on your needs and on how you feel. A follow up might be necessary to get rid of some problems or to strenghthen your general condition.

When I advise several sessions, you are the only one who will decide on it.