Basic principles of Shiatsu

According to Eastern thinking, illness appears when energy blocks and prevents natural harmony between body and nature. Loss of balance asks for regulation. Shiatsu triggers self-regulation of the body.

We should take time every day to keep a good health. We have all received an amount of innate energy from our parents. We also produce energy from food and breathing. To keep healthy, we “just have to” lead a hygienic life and to do so, follow basic advice: keep in touch with natural cycles, keep harmony between body and mind, maintain life energy, strengthen  natural immunity, keep the balance between intellectual and physical effort, feed life energy through deep breathing and appropriate food. But our way of life is such that we lost contact with nature, we split body and mind, we work too much , we  stress about anything, we make few physical efforts, we eat and sleep badly anf we forget about breathing. As a result of those bad habits or deficiencies, we feel unbalanced and blocked and our energy stagnates.

The good news is that our body has the capacity of self healing. Shiatsu resets the energy flows. It is preventive in the first place. So it is always better to receive shiatsu when “all is well” or when our body begins to tell us that there are unbalances coming. Once we are ill, those unbalances are too important and either it will take time to heal, or shiatsu won’t help.