Three formulas

  • RELAX – 30 minutes – 30 EUR

This is just enough to try it on and feel the first positive effects of relaxation.

  • STANDARD – 60 minutes – 60 EUR

A standard session gives a good relaxation and makes it possible to treat a more specific problem. One hour is generally enough.

  • DEEP – 80 minutes – 80 EUR

Deep shiatsu handles a specific problem and, as there is more time,  this can be completed with other things (according to your needs).

I can come to your home if necessary, in which case I will charge an extra 20 EUR for the fuel.

Time can be adjusted. If a session lasts a little more than usual, there is no extra charge. This is left to my appreciation at that moment.

Mentioned prices are fair for you and for me. They take personal investment, experience and ‘market’ prices into account.

If we agree on a follow up  at short term and the investment is too heavy for you, we can also agree on an adapted fare.