Shiatsu: what it can do for you

You receive shiatsu with your clothes on and lying on a futon.

A session lasts for a little more than one hour. Shiatsu begins with listening to you, and then the hands will feel their way. Shiatsu consists of pressures and stretching of points on the body “calling” for treatment.

Benefits are on the short and long term.

This is when shiatsu can help you

  • Physical pain: back pain, tense or painful joints, digestive problems, intestine problems, headache, painful periods, low physical condition, weak immune system… and so on
  • Unbalances: sleep disorders, stress, irritability, anxiety, excessive alcohol/tobacco/ food consumption, depressive thoughts, looking for the meaning of life…

But notice that:

  • Shiatsu works best if practiced regularly. Your body gives you signals all the time. Listen to them and don’t let the problems settle down. You will stay fit and will be much stronger.
  • In case of illness: Exhaustion, depression, burn out, auto-immune diseases, cancer… Shiatsu works on life energy, and goes very well with another therapy or medical treatment, if your doctor agrees so…

Want to know more about Shiatsu?

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Want to try?

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Shinmon Shiatsu welcomes you every weekday from 09.00 am to 09.00 pm, always by appointment. You might also get an appointment on some Saturdays in the morning. Just ask.

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  • Brussels Center – Schuman area:  Boulevard Charlemagne 47, 1000 Brussels
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