Shiatsu: what it can do for you

Receive a Shiatsu

You receive Shiatsu with your clothes on. It consists of pressures and stretching of points and meridians on the body. A session lasts for a little more than one hour. Benefits are on the short and long term.

This is when shiatsu can help you
  • First aim is prevention. Your body gives you signals all the time. Listen to them and don’t let the problems settle down. You will stay fit and will be much stronger.
  • Physical pain: back pain, tense or painful joints, digestive problems, intestine problems, headache, painful periods, low physical condition, weak immune system… and so on. Effects of shiatsu on those matters are well documented.
  • Unbalances: sleep disorders, stress, irritability, anxiety,  fear, excessive alcohol/tobacco/ food consumption, depressive thoughts, looking for the meaning of life…
  • Complementary to treatment: exhaustion, depression, burn out, auto-immune diseases, cancer… Shiatsu will reinforce or support treatment. talk about it with your doctor or therapist.

Shiatsu is energetic and holistic, it works according to the reference frame of the East (Japan and other influences). It doesn’t replace nor interferes with medical treatment or other kinds of therapy.

Make an appointment

  • Phone +32 471 40 56 95
  • Send an e-mail to
  • You’ll find me on Messenger, WhatApp and Signal as well
  • You may choose between two locations – have a look at the practice rooms
    • Boulevard Charlemagne 47 – 1000 Brussels (Schuman)
    • Jette / Pannenhuis
  • Opening hours: by appointment only, during the day or in the evening, and some Saturdays too
  • Price: see the page
Want to know more about Shiatsu?
  • Read further on this website.
  • Read the blog: articles in French discussing core aspects of Shiatsu
  • Go to my Youtube channel ShinmonShiatsu, short movies in French (most of them) on daily aspects of shiatsu

This one for instance

Work on yourself: attend a training, a workshop…

Learning shiatsu is for everyone. No special skills required, except the desire to discover and care for yourself.

On the page ‘Vivre et pratiquer le Shiatsu‘ you will discover several possibilities. Just click to show what you are interested in, this is no commitment. Of course there will be translation for English speaking people in French speaking workshops. Shiatsu goes beyond any language.

And if Shiatsu appeals so much to you that you want to become a professional… there is a training centre coming soon