What’s the meaning of Shinmon Shiatsu?

Shinmon means « gate of the Spirit ». This is the source point and the gate on the Heart meridian. The “Shin” Spirit is related to center, spirituality and the joy of living fully. Shinmon shows the way to unity of body and mind.

Shinmon calligraphy by Y. Kawada

When you receive a shiatsu massage, it has an effect on the body, the intellect, the emotions, the soul. In the Eastern way of thinking, everything is a whole.

Your mind can create illusions. Your body will never deceive you.

When you suffer, you have to soothe the symptom of course, but the symptom is just the visible part of something deeper, the top of the iceberg. A shiatsu therapy is often very physical, but takes care of the whole being.

So, when receiving shiatsu,

  • You will reconnect with the deep joy of living
  • You will go back to the core and lead a harmonious and well balanced life
  • You will become flow and movement again
  • You will regain a good place as a human being, between Heaven and Earth, and connected to Nature

This is the marvelous program behind that one word « Shinmon ».